Your flight was not perfect ; why ?


To perfect your flying, you must ask yourself the right questions.

Today, you experienced a hair-raising situation. Why ?

  1. Because, being newly type-rated, you do not master yet the new FMS.
  2. Because you did not expect the last-minute runway change.
  3. Because you suffered from fatigue after a short rest-period ?

Or is it a subtle combination of all these reasons ? Only an in-depth analysis will enable identifying threats that induce prompt errors ( omissions, action slips, … ) and, thus, will help avoiding their recurrence.

Some Good News ! Solutions do exist !

  1. Pilots always encounter the same threats.
  2. Countermeasures to trap threats are well known

    Enjoy yourself :


Ref. Improve safety by understanding the interaction between pilot and operational context. Charrier, Nicolas, Charron. HCI – aero 2016.

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